Rest in Peace My Lovely World Airways

World Airways

There is a sad song and a painful cry inside of me for every person I knew that has passed away. Today is heavy with a new sad song and new tears. The airline I loved closed its doors yesterday. It’s last move, last flight, was done two days ago [...] Read more »

Bold and weird

I finally did it! During my first Camino in Spain, in 2006, I was dreaming of shaving my head. I decided not to do it then, as I had a High School Reunion that summer and did not want to shock my previous classmates. Yet, the dream stayed with me. [...] Read more »

Aeroflot: Try the Russian Airline?


Recently I needed to get to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. There was a flight combination that worked well for me, going to New York City then flying out the following day, which would allow me to spend an evening with some friends and family. The next day flight was with the Russian airline, Aeroflot, [...] Read more »