Have you been to Antalya, Turkey?

antalya turkey

Yes, I have been to Antalya. Antalya is by the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, in the southern part of Turkey and is a popular destination for tourists in the summer. Just look at images of Antalya on Google and you will understand the attraction. Clear blue water and numerous hotels [...] Read more »

THE GOBEKLI TAPE…Discovery in Turkey

From the History Channel,in case you missed it… enjoy! Kind of makes you  wonder what else is buried out there? The structures on this site were built about 12,000 years ago (10,000  BC) and intentionally buried with sand about 8,000  years ago. No one knows who these people were, what  the massive buildings [...] Read more »


Adana, Turkey

With lots of land and truly unique sites to explore, Turkey is a big time favorite of mine. It was one of the first countries I visited after the borders of my own country opened up for all the restless gypsy hearts.  At first, I only visited Istanbul back then [...] Read more »

Fethiye, Antalya and Olympos

fethiye turkey

Two weeks of backpacking  left me with fun and heart warming, wonderful memories. I stopped in great places and visited lots of Greek and Roman sites.  Antalya, Kas, Bodrum, Patara, Fethiye were along my path and they were all unique in their own way, with the last one named here being my favorite. There are one day cruises [...] Read more »


cappadocia turkey

A place not to be missed is Cappadocia (Kapadokya under its Turkish name). The site is unique as well and hot air balloon rides are a  great option for a wonderful aerial view. Volcanoes erupted millions of years ago and the resulting rock near Göreme eroded into amazing shapes that resemble tens [...] Read more »


pamukkale turkey

I highly recommend watching a sunset from the height of the Pamukkale‘s ancient city of Hierapolis, where people bathed for thousand of years. Getting a feel of the history and the circle of life repeating time and time again in the place is priceless. Hotels were built and demolished there, [...] Read more »