Couchsurfing Forli: Area of Emilia-Romagna

Cesenatico, Italy

Invited to stay with a local in Forli through the Couchsurfing site, I took that opportunity again in hopes of saving money, practicing Italian and learning the local way of life. Leaving Bari, in the South of Italy at night, I arrived the next morning in the town of  Forli [...] Read more »

Bari, A City of Gelato Pleasure

Gelato in Bari, Puglia

Narrow streets with open doors peering into people’s homes, curtains waving in the mid-day breeze,  sounds of metal silverware on ceramic plates, laughing children running around, bed linen and clothes hanging to dry above the streets; women making pasta on tables in the street, sounds of motorbikes and people talking… this [...] Read more »

Alberobello, The Place I Longed to See

Alberobello, Puglia

Alberobello, amore mio, my long time dream of seeing you finally turned into reality! Although much adventure and determination had to be exercised in order to get to you it was worth all the effort (see the post:”From a Farm to a Masseria: A Road Downhill” and “Masseria in Puglia: [...] Read more »

From a Farm to a Masseria: A Road Downhill

Zucchini flowers, food at Agriturismo L'Arca

Sweeping the ground in the summer’s heat, already beaten by fleas and mosquitos, I decided to move on with my new adventure. If I want more farm life, I should help my dear aunt in her country. I eat and sleep there for free anyway when I visit, so I should [...] Read more »

One day between Ravello and Amalfi

View from Ravello, Italy

Just last month, June 2014, I was lucky to make a new friend in Italy and to be invited to visit. Couchsurfing was my help and I got to stay just 12 km away from Napoli (Naples) in a big apartment, having my own large bedroom for four nights. The [...] Read more »

Praia a Mare / Praya -Dino Island

Dino Island, Calabria

My only day off each week as a farmer has to be enjoyed to the maximum. Last week I had a fantastic time in Maratea and I was fortunate to meet people who gave me rides everywhere I wanted to go to. This week I chose a closer destination to [...] Read more »


Christ of Maratea

High above the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the narrow coast of Basilicata, sits the old and charming town of Maratea. Its narrow streets weave up and down the mountain and the main central piazza is picture perfect from every angle.  The colorful tile stores are set in old buildings with rustic [...] Read more »