De Pasti in Chicago

Romanian Orthodox Easter in Chicago

Vreti a sti cum e la o biserica Ortodoxa Romana din SUA in noaptea de Pasti? Aceasta e experienta mea (in acest an in Chicago; acum citiva ani in Orlando, Fl iar cu si mai mult timp in urma in Hollywood, Florida): Adevarat, sint obisnuita cu noptile de Inviere in Arad, [...] Read more »

Romanian Currency: Where to Exchange?

I’m travelling to Romania in a few weeks and I normally just grab whatever currency I need from the Travelex booth before I get on my flight somewhere (yes, I know it’s not always the most cost effective). Anyway, Romanian Lei is not available from the Travelex booth. So what do [...] Read more »

Hitch-Hiking to Cluj-Napoca

Salina din Turda

On my way to Cluj-Napoca just a month ago I ventured at what others and myself consider not too safe of an adventure: hitch-hiking. Trying to stay open to the possibilities, and trusting the Universe to send the right people my way I crossed new borders, the borders of old [...] Read more »

Corvin Castle / Hunyad Castle

Corvin Castle Hunyad Castle Romania

This important Transylvanian castle is one of my favorites. I remember a visit there as a child, with a bus full of other kids my age. The grayish and somber memory may be explained by the torture chamber and the history books of my school years. If you visit, you [...] Read more »

Prislop Monastery

Prislop Monastery Romania

On an unusually cold summer morning I decided to take the train to Deva. In the train station there, I found a bus that took me to Hunedoara, where the castle is, but to continue on, to the Prislop Monastery, I had to wait on the street for another bus. [...] Read more »

Romania July, 2013


After my flight from Orlando to London changed course and airline due to a delay that would have caused a missed connection in Chicago, I ended up in Frankfurt instead. Thankfully, as the previous itinerary would have left me stranded in Chicago, and taken me on a grueling route all [...] Read more »



Like many major university cities around the world Timișoara exudes a vibrant atmosphere with a clean, green, and well maintained landscape in the areas surrounding the campus. Home to Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara (University of Timisoara), like most university cities, Timișoara comes complete with scenic streets and plazas with the usual restaurants and [...] Read more »


Piaţa Mare sibiu romania

Everyone has heard of Transylvania. In addition to the fame surrounding Dracula and his castle, the Transylvania region is home to many beautiful towns, such as Brasov, Timisoara, Arad, and Sibiu. A journey through the Transylvania region of Romania could not be considered complete without a visit to Sibiu. Dubbed [...] Read more »