Romanian Currency: Where to Exchange?

I’m travelling to Romania in a few weeks and I normally just grab whatever currency I need from the Travelex booth before I get on my flight somewhere (yes, I know it’s not always the most cost effective). Anyway, Romanian Lei is not available from the Travelex booth. So what do [...] Read more »

Aeroflot: Try the Russian Airline?


Recently I needed to get to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. There was a flight combination that worked well for me, going to New York City then flying out the following day, which would allow me to spend an evening with some friends and family. The next day flight was with the Russian airline, Aeroflot, [...] Read more »

What is Transylvania now Called?

Bran Castle Transylvania Romania

Question: What is Transylvania now called? I know it’s a part of Romania, but what is the newer name? We were told it’s still called Transylvania, and it’s a Hungarian speaking region of Romania Response: It is still called Transylvania. It is a large western province of Romania dotted with fortified churches, castles, [...] Read more »

Youth hostels in Europe?

Is there an equivalent to Youth hostels in Europe? Basically I need something cheap (but hopefully not too shabby) in late July/early August for Munich and Amsterdam. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Response:  You might experience a little more demand and therefore higher prices and lower availability during [...] Read more »