Romanian Currency: Where to Exchange?

I’m travelling to Romania in a few weeks and I normally just grab whatever currency I need from the Travelex booth before I get on my flight somewhere (yes, I know it’s not always the most cost effective). Anyway, Romanian Lei is not available from the Travelex booth. So what do you recommend – change in Bucharest airport, or find an ATM? Presumably there will be an awful lot of people all trying to do the same thing?

Response: There are also Money Exchange offices all over along the streets. We normally use these, as they tend to have the better rates. Like gas stations in the US, where there is one, there is usually three or four within close proximity. Just compare the rates and choose the one that is best. Not only will ATMs have fees, but your banking / credit institution may charge an additional “foreign transaction fee.” Between the two, these fees combined usually come out to more than what you will give up at one of the exchange offices.

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