Island of Sal, Cape Verde

My colleagues and I spent relaxing days in the island of Sal, Cape Verde. We were flying there in the beginning of the first decade of the years 2000. One way flights to Angola, straight from Texas, were too long so Cape Verde was used as a stop for refueling, [...] Read more »


An island that belongs to Equatorial Guinea, Malabo was one of the least developed places I have ever been to. At the time we went there, in mid 2000, the place did not have a hotel with enough rooms to accommodate the 15 of us, so we were usually split [...] Read more »

South Africa

From Cape Town to Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park, my South African trip was a good and safe experience. Safety is a big concern mainly in Jo’burg but you are told which areas to avoid, and if you use common sense and are aware of your surroundings, all should [...] Read more »

Sandboarding to blazing speeds in Namibia

Enjoying this country came through a combination of work trips and exploration in between. A lot of trips to Germany and England were scheduled from here, as Windhoek is a growing city. Germany was a close part of this country’s history (Namibia became independent in March 1990).   Windhoek, the [...] Read more »


I had only a single day in Addis Ababa and I would go back anytime. With beautiful and friendly people and lots of different ethnic groups, this country consists of a mix of ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. It is a country with more than 80 different ethnic groups, each with [...] Read more »


My first Morocco encounter was not a planned one. As my plane got delayed on the way to France, where I was going to start my trip on the Camino, the connection through Casa Blanca was a failed attempt. Tired and a bit frustrated, I landed in a small hotel [...] Read more »