El Valle

El Valle- Sunday Market

Reading about a local artisan’s market in El Valle de Anton, Panama, a few years back, I had the desire to visit the place. Opportunity showed up this October 2013, as I had a free week-end in Panama. Taking the public bus from the Albrook Mall, it took just a [...] Read more »

Boquete/waterfall hikes

Boquete panama

I will try to guide all the “save a buck” adventurers to the places I hiked with no guide or group. Common sense and good care is needed, as ill intended people can be found in any country you travel, and the forests are full of life that includes spiders [...] Read more »

Boquete/Caldera, Chiriqui, Panama

Crazy Monkey at hot springs

Surrounded by mountains with lots of rivers and waterfalls, lush vegetation, rich in animal and bird life, the growing town of Boquete (in the Chiriquí Province of Panama) has attracted many foreigners in the past years. Its climate, its beauty, as well as the inexpensive cost of living have made [...] Read more »

Santa Fe, Veraguas, Panama

santa fe veraguas panama

“Santa Fe??? Hee!Hee!Hee! What is there, in Santa Fe?” asked my Panamanian friends from the capital city when I announced my intention to visit the small town of Santa Fe. “There are no tourists” they complain, not a “touristy place”. If that was the only problem, there is no problem [...] Read more »

Panama City

panama city panama

Panama City is a bustling city that incorporates modern development, architectural design, business, and a fast pace with a combination of ever present local and foreign cultures and influences readily co-mingling. A skyline dense with modern skyscrapers provides a wonderfully motivating and beautiful view at night backed by the moon [...] Read more »