Where can I find toll-free airline phone numbers?

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Question: Where can I find a list of toll free airline phone numbers? Response: Right here at Travels With Miha now. Here is my list of toll free airline phone numbers. Airline Phone Number Aer Lingus 800.474.7424 Aeroflot 888.340.6400 Aerolineas Argentinas 800.333.0276 Aeromexico 800.237.6639 Air Berlin 866.266.5588 Air Canada 800.247.2262 800.361.8071 Speech/Hearing [...] Read more »

Southwest Airlines Question

I was looking up a flight. There was a column “Wanna Get Away” for a $150 dollar flight. Is this flight actually $150 dollars or is there some point thingy you have to do? And why so cheap? How is it different? Response: Southwest runs specials like this as a part [...] Read more »