Large, vast and diverse, Brazil has so much to explore. There are of course  the obvious places like the beach, and the statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro but also lesser known villages and the vast Amazon and rain forests. Miha chose to begin in a little village named Abadiânia. Being home to Joao de Deus (John of God), this place is rapidly gaining notoriety around the world and drawing an ever increasing number of visitors. The home page for this country is yet to be completed, however be sure to read along by clicking here for posts on Abadiania or the Brazil section to the lower right of this page and tune in as she travels the country and shares her experiences and recommendations. As our Brazil journey is just beginning, please share with us and fellow readers your own knowledge and experience related to anything Brazil that would be of interests and/or assist fellow travelers.

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  • Getting to Abadiana

    For thousands and thousands of people around the world the rural town of Abadiania is the only place they visit in Brazil. “Why is that?”, one would ask, when Brazil is such a large country with so many places to visit? Where is Abadiania anyway and what is there? The right question, rather, would b...
  • Abadiania

    Finally, I began traveling again!  A new chapter in my traveling journey as I have no job anymore. I will do all the new traveling like most other travelers do, with no airline help or interference. No more work schedules to shorten my stay anywhere, no more salary or covered ticket expenses.  Welco...
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