Budapest Hungary

Hungarian Parliament Building on Danube

Our experience with Hungary is somewhat limited to Budapest, and looking out the window of a train. Commuting from Munich through the western border of Austria,  we traveled to Budapest’s major east-bound train station Keleti,  hung a right and continued southeast a few hours into Arad, Romania.  While we did not stop, we did ride for a short time along Hungary’s large Lake Balaton. Then at a later date we crossed from one border to the other, viewing the entire country again through the window of a train traveling north / northwest from Romania, across Hungary into Slovakia and through Czech Republic en route to northeastern Germany.

A country of multiple occupations throughout a tumultuous history like many of it’s neighbors, the landscape of Hungary is dotted in a combination of lifeless box style communist buildings and factories, mixed amongst very picturesque old European ornate and gothic architecture.

Hungary Paprika

Paprika in Hungary

A few years earlier, prior to Michael’s first visit to Hungary, Darla made the connection to friend Stefan, a US expat married and living in Budapest. Stefan was great, offering advice on everything from what part of the city to stay in, how to get from the airport to city, and what to see. Meeting with Miha at the Budapest airport, we went to our hostel where Stefan later picked us up, showed us the local’s Budapest, and took us to a local known favorite for an authentic Hungarian dinner in Obuda (Old Buda). Thank you Darla, thank you Stefan.

The Budapest experience was a positive one. Budapest is abundant with old world architecture and historical sites. Once one has been there, they will no doubt recognize photos and videos along the Danube River present in many travel advertisements and cruise commercials – especially that of the Hungarian Parliament building.

Read more about Budapest, including the walking tour, and view more photos via the posts below.


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