Orlando Music Scene

young psychedelics orlando

I may take some heat for saying this, but as a former musician and avid fan of live music I have always been a little disappointed in the Orlando music scene. This is not to say that there are not good bands and musicians in Central Florida. There are several [...] Read more »



Leipzig, located in northeast Germany makes for a pleasant walkabout with a contrasting architecture of multiple eras quite prevalent. Structures from the very modern, the historical, WWII destruction, and the drab communist era blend together right next to one another in some places. Another contrast: Parts of the city are [...] Read more »

Leipzig Lodging

Penta Hotel Leipzig germany

Penta Hotel, Leipzig, Germany in short summary: Good location close to train station and buses, and an easy walk to all downtown areas.  Good service. A little different concept – check in counter is at the bar, immediately through the main entrance. Hotel lobby is relaxing with a large gas [...] Read more »

Luxembourg in December

luxembourg christmas market

Yes, yes Miha can say she has been to Luxembourg now, and on more than one occasion. However “really been to Luxembourg” may be slightly debatable. Willing and ready, another trip is in order. Upon arrival in Frankfurt we moved from the landing gate to the Bahn terminal at the airport and found [...] Read more »

Which Latin American country would be best to live in?

Choosing from these countries: Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Nicaragua. I am looking for: - Safety - Not too expensive - Good climate (never gets too cold – rarely under 14C/57F, yet is not unbearably hot – rarely over 35C/95F) - People are friendly, happy, open, accepting [...] Read more »