About Us

A passionate, restless, die hard traveler, Miha often wonders how far down in her blood line the nomads are. Often she jokes that there must be some gipsy blood in her veins.

Travel began for her as a young child, when every school vacation was spent in her grandparent’s village, living among small farmers, observing their healthy but hard lifestyle and running free with the other village kids.

Out of a family of teachers, as soon as she started school, she would join her parents in summer camps with groups of children that they were caring for. During her teenage years she began dragging her bags around, traveling by herself on the five hour long train trips between two cities. Her parents had divorced and her mother had remarried further away. College years came with dorm life and more of the “bag drag”.

Often Miha wonders if the travel bug bit somewhere along those years. Growing up in a closed communist country in Eastern Europe, with a very slim chance of ever getting a passport, her dearest fantasy was to be a bird. The border of no country would then be a limit.

Dream became reality years later, as she got her wings working for an international airline, after first sailing with cruise line jobs. From sailing to flying she cannot be stopped now from exploring our diverse and magical world.

While on job assignments she is often away from home two-to-three weeks a month, resting in upscale hotels. What do you think she often does on her time off? Take a guess! More travels. On her days off from work she chooses her own destinations, spends time in hostels and with locals, learns more about life in unusual places and exchanges information and experiences with other travelers of similar passions. Navigating an intricately woven web of trains, buses, boats and planes, Miha is proficient in traveling weeks at a time for less than most would probably spend on airfare or lodging alone.

Miha often wonders…. can she ever be happy in one place forever?

Michael first obtained a taste for travel within the US, moving several times and traveling during his first “career”. When an employer offered him relocation to manage a newly acquired market in Costa Rica, Central America several years ago, he quickly accepted.  In order to comply with local visa requirements, Michael had to leave the country every 90 days for a minimum of 72 hours. Happy to comply, Michael also accepted his employer’s financial allowance to do so. Thus began a few years’ exploration of Mayan ruins, pirate hideouts, and island hopping in search of that post card beach. Still marked with the travel bug yet working within occupational and domestic responsibilities, Michael regularly rendezvous with Miha around the globe.

Travel can be expensive and luxurious or inexpensive and exciting, while still being safe and comfortable. Travel brochures and advertising can sometimes lead to false expectations and disappointment – especially when vacations are limited due to professional or other obligations, and hard earned funds are being spent. Yet on the flip side, travel can be uplifting and joyous, especially when the experience is greater than what was expected. Not being web developers, but with traveling always in the forefront of conversation, we have set out to develop a useful site that encourages fellow travelers to share their advice, recommendations, and experiences, kicking it off with our own. Good or bad, sharing the truth and opinions (honestly, cleanly and maturely),  will enhance future travel for all of us and those would be/ might be /could be travelers considering somewhere to embark upon next.